Paint Done Right From Beginning To End

At Mount Hope Tractor, we only preform superior quality paint jobs. Our nine step paint process is time tested to produce paint jobs you’ll still be enjoying for years to come. Every inch of paintable surface is given special attention, and eventually covered inside and out with high quality urethane automotive paint, which resists chipping and is much more resilient than enamel finishes.

  • Prefitting is an essential part to any restoration. Each piece should fit snuggly next to the others without rubbing against each other, or leaving too much of a gap. Rubbing can compromise the paint job, so we do the entire prefitting while still attached to the tractor to ensure the best end results.

  • Once properly prefitted, we completely disassemble the tractor, down to the engine block and axles, checking for potential mechanical problems along the way. In the event a problem is identified, we always check with our clients before doing any extra work than they previously requested. Keeping our clients fully aware of the costs involved is very important to us.

  • After sealing off all the open cavities to the engine and transmission, each piece is individually sandblasted; forcibly removing all rust and surface contaminants, and roughing up the surface to ensure better adhesion of the paint. Completely removing rust is an essential part to any professional paint job, and can lead to disastrous results now or in the near future if not done with proper care and attention to detail.

  • After parts are cleaned to bare steel, epoxy primer is applied to prevent rust, corrosion. Primer is also essential for adhesion of sealer and paint.

  • Dents, cracks, holes cut out, extra brackets welded on are some of the things that can be expected of old tractors. Proper repairs are made and professional body work is done to regain that "like new" look.

  • Our sanding process starts with a sanding primer that’s used as a guide to give optimal results. We then start with a 220 grit paper, and slowly work our way to 400 grit paper, providing stunningly obvious results.

  • Sealer enhances the consistency of the paint job, and creates an even finish you can be proud of. Sealer is essential for ensuring consistent color across the entire painted surface.

  • We can now apply two to three coasts of high quality Montana acrylic urethane paint, depending on what gives the best results for the particular tractor. Each piece is painted individually while suspended so no surface is left unattended.

  • Last, but certainly not least, we painstakingly reassemble each and every piece, making sure everything is tightened, aligned, and cleaned as if it was our own. When we present a restoration, we want our clients in awe of what some time, money, especially care, can achieve in the right hands. Components are assembled using OEM parts manual as a guide to insure proper fastening hardware is used. (ie. a square head bolt is used where a square head bolt should be used.)

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